gorecandy asked:
i want to hang out with you, hug you and fan girl over paramore <3


That sounds like a great plan lets do it

yessss lets do thissss.

Anonymous asked:
hi friend this is about the blue hair dye that hayley uses; my friend has the same coloured hair and he gets it from a company called crazy colour. you can usually get it in alternative stores and piercing parlors BUT they also have an online vividhaircolour(.)com/crazy-colour-s/33(.)htm I think it's the shade sky blue and it's a lot brighter than the website makes it look

oh wow, that colour actually looks pretty spot on! i might buy a bottle and dye it next week sometime.

thank you lovely!


Anonymous asked:
you are such a beautiful girl! i love your hair, i wish i'd have the courage to cut it like that but i'm too afraid cause my hair is really really really long :( also i love your piercing! ♥

omgggg thank you!
you should totally cut your hair if it’s what you want! i was scared to cut mine too but i’m so glad that i did, i was also worried that the pink would look weird but it doesn’t and everyones been so nice about it and it’s definitely given me a bit of confidence that i didn’t have so yeah, i’d say go for it if it’s what you want (:
the way i see it is it grows back so don’t stress over it too much, just have fun!


Anonymous asked:
I'm sorry, but what picture are you guys referring to? The one about Hayley's jeans? :) xx

no worries m’dear, we were talking about her jeans in this picture.


I want to _____ you.

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falloutcookie asked:
you should definitely do it blue. hayley blue

that’s what i’d really love to do but idk what dye she’s using and that shade is really hard to find… thanks though! (:
if i could find the right dye, i’ll probably do it that colour.


Anonymous asked:
I think we can all agree that Hayley looked beyong gorgeous at the APMAs! xx

absolutely, drop dead!


I think I’m going to change my pink bit soon…


I don’t know what colour I want to dye it though… Either turquoise, green or white blonde.



dancing + headbanging = hayley williams


Hayley Williams + awards - 2014/2008