Anonymous asked:
That's so cute. I've never had a rabbit, so I was curious. I bet you two are adorable together. Like a big ball of cute cuddliness.

haha yeah he’s a cutie. Rabbits are really great pets and I don’t think they get enough credit tbh. People always think they are boring and just eat and sleep all day, which truthfully they do a lot but they are hyper crazy little cuties that are hilarious to watch and want cuddles all the time. If you can bond with your rabbit and make them trust you, they’re also pretty loyal. My old rabbit Skye was so loyal that she was like a guard rabbit when anyone came into my bedroom and she’d chase my sisters out haha.


Anonymous asked:
i love ur blog so much!!!!!! <3

awh thank you sweetie!


Anonymous asked:
probably a dumb question but why is everyone freaking out over last hope live on momentour?

Well they’re freaking out over the Chicago shows performance of Last Hope because it was professionally filmed and recorded, which might mean there is a new live DVD in the works.


Anonymous asked:
Does Bandit snuggle?

He does, if he wants a cuddle he’ll jump up on you and snuggle in and usually fall asleep and then afterwards once you’ve given him cuddles, he usually licks my arm and face to say thanks hahaha

Paramore Hate to See Your Heart Break
Hate to See Your Heart Break



Hate to See Your Heart Break - Paramore

it’s midnight here and i need some relaxing music, so is this song <3


That’s completely insane! 8,000 followers when I thought I wouldn’t be able to hit 100. This blog is so important for me and you guys make me happy everyday. I couldn’t ask for better followers and I love yall. So I’m doing this follow forever because those people are awesome and flawless but I love all of you &lt;3

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thank you so much omg! and congrats on the 8k (:


I’m shocked that I held the camera still enough but here’s Hayley coming out for the end of Sugar

i was tagged by paramorearelife.1. my dad calls me spud&#8230; idk why and he doesn&#8217;t either but he has since the day i was born. i also get called Chicken by Lisa at work (her last name is Simpson, not kidding) and she finds it hilarious because i&#8217;m a vegetarian and she calls me Chicken and yeah&#8230; in high school i got called Pip and my best friend was called Peas and we were like a double act&#8230; Pip and Peas&#8230;. yeah&#8230; but yeah, that&#8217;s about it.2.greeeeeeeen3. naturally it&#8217;s dark brown with a natural reddish colour to it, but atm it&#8217;s dark brown and bright purple.4. i have small hands and really skinny fingers, finding rings that fit me is near impossible.5. black.6. my tattoo shop or my bed.7. hayley williams and gerard way.8. bats and rabbits.9. atm it&#8217;s between last hope by paramore and surrender the night by mcr10. i don&#8217;t really have a favourite book&#8230;i tag: evelinathoren, paintparamore, imwinningthewar, istillloveparamore, fuckyeahwhak, onlyparamorex, moritzaddicted, tayloryorkofficial, twentyoneparamore, thesaltinmywounds, halfbetrayed, tiameatsix paramorehq, taylorisapuppy, underdog-13, paramoreclique, paradaydreaming, jeremyclavis, hoparamore, walkingwithmisguidedghosts&lt;3